A Brief History of Electromedicine

Electromedicine, the use of electricity to treat physical ailments, is considered one of the oldest and most documented sciences known. Medical professionals of ancient Greece learned that the electrical impulses emitted from electric eels in clinical foot baths relieved pain and produced a favorable influence on the blood circulation. Doctors Largus and Dioscorides (cc 46 AD) documented substantial therapeutic results with electrical currents in the management of pain from a variety of ailments.

In the 1700s, European physicians used controlled electrical currents from electrostatic generators almost exclusively for numerous medical problems involving pain and circulatory dysfunction. During that period, Benjamin Franklin also documented pain relief by using electrical currents for “frozen shoulder.”

Today electromedicine is recognized as a very safe, efficacious and certainly one of the most cost effective treatments of choice in 21st century that has ZERO side effects.