How Does It Work?

The human body is like a machine; it wears out in direct proportion to its abuse. A well balanced body reflects a strong immune system. Longevity is the result of natural care and maintenance of the body.

In basic terms, electricity is found naturally in all of us. Certain electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate bodily functions including actions needed for healing. By mimicking the electrical impulses that occur in us, we can help facilitate a specific effect.

Electromedicine is able to trigger these impulses by varying the frequency, wave length, intensity, and location of the electricity applied to the patient. Understanding how these elements interplay to create a desired effect is the basis for the science.

The basic unit of life, the cell, exists only because it is held together by energy. The atoms and molecules that make up a cell also exist because their various parts are held together by a bond of energy. Essentially, everything in the universe as we understand it is energy. Your entire body is made up of “energy fields” or energy centers that form the foundation of your health. The body’s energy centers – meridian, chakras, sefirot, etc (depending on one’s belief system) – bring vital life energy to every organ in your body. Keeping these energy fields balanced and removing blockages in the flow of energy, plays a major role in determining your body’s health. Balance is a key concept within energy wellness. With the WellnessPro’s primary benefit of pain relief, your body can move to a state of harmony and energetic balance.

If every day you make sure your energies are not blocked and are flowing freely, your body’s innate healing system will counter virtually everything. Your body’s wellness reflects the health, clarity, and flow in your energy field. By relieving the pain, your body is able to stabilize and maintain a natural healthy energy flow that helps to create a state of physical and mental wellness.

The WellnessPro® instrument is for wellness. It does not have any side effects. It is non toxic and not invasive. It is FDA cleared for a form of pain relief: acute, chronic or post-operative. The WellnessPro is in perfect harmony with the new self-care model of natural health.