Lyme Disease

… My Lyme Disease Story


After almost three years of medical treatments for Lyme disease I was completely symptom and pain free with only 3 months of bio-electrotherapy. As a result I became committed to helping others overcome their own chronic illnesses by becoming a representative for Electro-medical Technologies.

In 2003 a tick bit by scalp which is not an uncommon experience in the heavily wooded area where I live.  I already had chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis which I’d endured for many years.  I initially thought my early symptoms of achiness were a result of increased inflammation from my arthritis but I began to experience fatigue, chills and headaches as well.  Many months later I finally went to the rheumatologist and blood work came back showing that I now had Lyme disease in addition to the rheumatoid arthritis.

The Lyme disease progressed until it affected my central nervous system and I could barely walk.  I was put on antibiotics for over two years and then IV antibiotics for 13 weeks.  At the end of those few years I was at best 70% better.  Frustrated that after 8 months more I’d had no further improvement I began doing my own research.

I learned about bio-electrotherapy through Natural Cures.  The claim was that the machines could help almost any disease even cancer.  I was very interested and I found a wellness center that performed bio-electrotherapy.  After only 3 months of treatments I was pain free from both my Lyme disease and arthritis!   I decided to buy my own Wellness Pro unit in 2009 and then upgraded to the newest model that came out in 2013 the Wellness Pro+ Plus.

No one needs to suffer from chronic pain.  I don’t want others to endure what I went through for years.  The Wellness Pro+ Plus can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  For more information you can call 715-617-8379 and I would be happy to answer your questions and send you a brochure.  It only takes a week to get the Wellness Pro Plus.

There are over 1,000 auto codes pre-programmed into every unit to address specific conditions and there’s even more codes that I can give you to key into your unit.  I welcome the opportunity to help you live a pain free life!